Why Choose McCulloch?

Why Choose McCulloch?

Let’s face it: If you’ve spoken to the McCulloch team or bought one of our Steam Cleaners or accessories before, you’ll probably have noticed just how passionate and enthusiastic our team are about who we are and what we do.
We love helping our customers unlock new ways of cleaning their homes and offices that increase effectiveness while decreasing the amount of work involved. But why should you care about McCulloch and why should you choose us next time you’re in the market for a steam cleaning solution?
It’s a good question. So, please allow us to explain.


The McCulloch Difference

McCulloch, founded in 1943 by a man named Robert McCulloch in the USA, has been providing a variety of machinery and equipment for almost 80 years. From revolutionising the chainsaw industry to turning garden equipment design on its head, McCulloch has had a huge impact across a number of different sectors and house-related work.
Now, McCulloch provide market-leading steam cleaning equipment. Each Steam Cleaner we range is the product of decades of experience designing, engineering and manufacturing world class products.
What has been the not-so-secret ingredient to our success? Our values.

The Values of McCulloch


McCulloch is dedicated to innovation. Our steam cleaners, for example, are the result of ongoing and continuous innovation in every aspect of its design and build.


We guarantee the products we sell. That’s why our customers know they can rely on McCulloch when purchasing their new Steam Cleaner.


McCulloch take design very seriously which is why our Steam Cleaners don’t just work well, they look great too! When you mount a holding bracket to your wall, your McCulloch Steam Cleaner will complement the rest of your house’s aesthetic and style.


Our unrivalled reputation boils down to one thing: Value. We ensure that our customers receive the value they deserve in both quality of product and level of customer service.

The Power of Steam

How exactly do we know that our Steam Cleaners are the right choice for your next home cleaning product? Simple. We understand the Power of Steam.

How does steam cleaning work?

Our Steam Cleaners utilise the power of steam to clean a variety of sealed floors and other domestic surfaces in and out of the home.
By heating the water inside the cleaner, the steam that is generated ensures that surfaces are sanitised quickly, effectively and effortlessly.
There are no detergents, no chemicals and no soaps. Just distilled water heated to 100 degrees Celsius. It’s that simple!

The Benefits of Steam Cleaning

Chemical Free

One of the most important benefits of using a Steam Cleaner is that there are no chemicals involved in the cleaning process. The hot steam is more than effective at killing bacteria without the use of harmful chemicals.
Many other household cleaning products rely on chemicals and other toxin-containing substances. Apart from the health risks, chemicals can pose a hazard for the environment and even leave undesired smells and stickiness on surfaces around the home.
Without any harsh chemicals, steam cleaning is safer for you and the whole family, including any furry friends. It’s even safer for the environment due to the lack of chemical packaging that needs to be thrown out or unsustainable chemicals leaking out and causing harm.

Clean Air

Steam Cleaners allow for you and your loved ones to breathe easier throughout the house. Some household cleaners can release airborne allergens and other pollutants which can trigger allergies or pose a problem for people suffering from hay fever or asthma.
Steam Cleaners on the other hand won’t aggravate your family by releasing allergens or particles into the air. Enjoy cleaner surfaces and cleaner air.

Versatile Application

Many people don’t quite realise just how useful a Steam Cleaner can be. Your McCulloch Steam Cleaner can be used in and out of the house. Yes, we mean it! You can clean your bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen! Take it outside and you clean your BBQ, patio and your car too. Enjoy the practicality and convenience of just  having one piece of equipment on hand.

Effective Cleaning

At the end of the day, environmentally-friendly and chemical-free Steam Cleaners are all well and good but do they actually offer an effective cleaning solution? Absolutely!
Hot steam generated from heated water penetrates the surface of dirt, grime and  grease. This loosens the particles of the mess and allows for the user to cleanly wipe it away leaving the underlying surface spotless. Moreover, with a variety of accessories to choose from as well, Steam Cleaners can be customised for use in a wide range of applications.

Cost Effective

Why spend money buying multiple different household cleaning products when the one Steam Cleaner from McCulloch will be more than fine?
Needing just water in the ‘tank’, our Steam Cleaners are very cost effective investments when you consider the lack of ongoing costs in the long run. There are no detergents to replace or pricey operational costs. It’s one simple purpose for your many cleaning needs for many years to come.

Explore Our Products

McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Canister Steam Cleaner

The McCulloch MC1385 is a general, multi-purpose Steam cleaner that offers a deep yet natural sanitisation and clean. The MC1385 achieves 120 minutes of continuous steam cleaning with a 1.89L water tank.
This unit is for the type of person who deep cleans in & out of home on a regular basis. The MC1385 is also the preferred choice for people with small businesses, particularly car detailing and cleaning businesses. The extra cleaning time offered by the larger tank and additional accessories can make cleaning jobs easier, especially removing the need to keep multiple cleaning products and chemicals on hand too. 
Find out more about the MC1385 today.

McCulloch MC1375 Canister Steam Cleaner

The McCulloch MC1375 Canister Steam Cleaner also offers a natural and effective clean that is great for general cleaning and mopping, generating 90 minutes of continuous steam on a 1.42L canister.
The MC1375 model is perfect for anyone who has a smaller house or apartment as its compact size allows for it to be much more agile while cleaning. Alternatively, if you’re someone prefers (or needs) to clean for shorter periods each time, then the smaller capacity of the unit will be useful.
Read more about the MC1375 here.


If the accessories included in the box aren’t enough, you can find a range of affordable and helpful McCulloch accessories available on our online store including:

 McCulloch Traditional Mop Pad (2 Pack)

McCulloch Utility Brushes (5 Pack)

McCulloch Scrubbing Mop Pad (2 Pack)

McCulloch Round Scrub Pad (5 Pack)

McCulloch Brass Brush (5 Pack)


McCulloch - the smart choice!

For almost eight decades people have been turning to McCulloch. McCulloch’s line of industry-leading Steam Cleaners and products puts the power of steam in your hands.
We’re more than confident in our products and that’s why we put our warranty where our mouth is. If it doesn’t work the way you expect, just let us know.
If you’d like some assistance determining the right Steam Cleaner for you or just want to chat more about everything McCulloch, contact us today.

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