How To Steam Clean Your BBQ

How To Steam Clean Your BBQ

Spend Less Time Cleaning & More Time Grilling.

Why Should I Steam Clean My BBQ?

If you own a barbecue, then you know how important it is to clean after every use - otherwise the next time you go to use it, you’ll end up spending half an hour scrubbing the grill down from the previous cook up.

It’s so easy for grease and grit to build up quickly on a barbecue hotplate or grill, so you want it to be as clean as possible every time you need to use it.

Unlike hot soapy water (or a wet rag), hot steam very easily loosens up grease and grime from almost any surface, while killing germs and bacteria at the same time. That means you can spend less time cleaning, and more time getting your grill on.

Guide To Steam Cleaning Your BBQ

Steam cleaning is growing in popularity as a method of cleaning for businesses due to its effectiveness, efficiency and cost savings in comparison to other cleaning methods. In a landscape where these things are ever more important to every business, that’s a win, win, win - for you, and your customers.

Not sure where to start?

We’ve broken down the best way to steam clean your barbecue with the below step by step guide, complete with what attachment to use for the relevant surface. 

1.    Prepare the Barbecue
While cleaning with hot steam is incredibly effective, it’s best not to do this with a hot BBQ.

Make sure it’s turned off and cooled down - at least cool enough to touch. If you’ve recently used it, remove any larger, loose food remnants and wipe off any bigger oil or liquid spills. These won’t damage or limit the steam cleaner, but it allows for a much quicker and more efficient cleaning process. 

Also, it’s safest to detach the gas bottle before beginning - applying hot steam to this surface is not recommended, so be safe and put it to the side.
2.    Just Add Water
McCulloch steam cleaners don’t require any cleaning chemicals - just water. The last thing you want to be adding to a cooking surface are chemicals, which makes steam cleaning a much safer and healthier method of cleaning.

Fill up your steam cleaner with distilled water and wait for it to heat up. Once it’s ready to go, your steam cleaner will be able to dispense steam up to 100°C, hot enough to loosen even the toughest grease. Now it’s time to get to work.
3.    Grills & Hotplates
The first parts of the barbecue to tackle are the grill and hotplates.

As the primary cooking surfaces, these easily get the dirtiest and greasiest, with burnt food particles sticking to the grill and hotplates with ease. 

To clean the grill, attach the brass utility brush and slowly work your way across this area. As you go, you’ll be able to see the grease and food particles visibly loosening and becoming unstuck from the grill. Once complete, move on to the hotplates and repeat the process. You may prefer to use the scraper attachment on these smoother hotplate surfaces, but either attachment will work wonders.
4.   Under the Hood
Next up, under the hood of the barbecue. This area usually gets hit with oil from spitting food, and it’s an area that many people forget to clean on a regular basis. That results in some pretty greasy and gross surfaces. 

Using the bristle brush attachment, apply steam to the surface under the BBQ hood - you may wish to clean specific areas that are especially greasy, or work your way through the full surface depending on the situation.
5.    External Surfaces
Other areas of the barbecue are likely to need cleaning too - such as the panel surrounding the control knobs and arms/sides of the barbecue where your food might sit before being cooked. Additionally, if your barbecue is not covered by a patio or a BBQ cover then it can often be exposed to elements like wind and rain, so external surfaces like the surrounding panels and top of the hood could also do with a regular clean.

Use either the nylon utility or round brush to clean these areas. As they rarely have grease and food grime on them - and are less durable than a grill or hotplate - a harsher brush may scratch or damage these external surfaces that you would much prefer to be clean and shiny.



Effectively cleaning your barbecue is just another reason to invest in a steam cleaner - and with 23 attachments included in the box, you’ll have everything you need to clean your BBQ at all times.

Modern steam cleaners are especially versatile, allowing you to clean a wide range of surfaces in your home or workplace, especially those in your kitchen, bathroom and living room - and even your car!

Start taking advantage of the power of steam today, with McCulloch.

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