Collection: Steam Cleaner Spare Parts

McCulloch Steam Cleaner Accessories make cleaning nearly every single surface in and out of the home simple.

All McCulloch Spare Parts in this collection are suitable for both the MC1375 Canister Steam Cleaner and the MC1385 Deluxe Canister Steam Cleaner.

  • Steam Cleaning your BBQ & Outdoor Area

    Need a high-performance outdoor steam cleaner? Discover the best with McCulloch Steam.

    Outdoor BBQ Steam Cleaners 
  • Choosing the right Steam Cleaner for your Bathroom

    Looking for a top-notch bathroom steam cleaner? Experience superior cleaning with McCulloch Steam.

    Bathroom Steam Cleaners 
  • Steam Cleaning your Car

    Looking for an impressive car steam cleaner? Look no further than McCulloch Steam.

    Car Steam Cleaners 
  • Choosing the right Tile Steam Cleaner

    Need a reliable steam cleaner for tiles? McCulloch Steam has got you covered.

    Tile Steam Cleaners 
  • Using a Steam Cleaner for Grout

    Clean your tiles like never before with our grout steam cleaner. Achieve sparkling results and deep cleanliness with ease. Explore our grout steam cleaners now!

    Grout Steam Cleaners 
  • Choosing the right High Pressure Steam Cleaner?

    Looking for an effective high pressure steam cleaner? Experience next-level cleaning with McCulloch Steam.

    High Pressure Steam Cleaners 
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