How to Steam Clean Your Kitchen

How to Steam Clean Your Kitchen

How to Steam Clean Your Kitchen

Cleaning your dream kitchen doesn’t have to be a nightmare.



For most of us the kitchen is the busiest room in the house, but that means it can be pretty hard to keep clean at all times.


It’s easy to end up in a cycle of constantly wiping down surfaces and appliances with a variety of harsh cleaning chemicals - which aren’t really ideal to introduce to the same area in which you’re preparing your food. This ends up being an expensive habit, and an unsafe one too.


Fortunately there’s a better, safer way to clean almost every surface in your kitchen - steam cleaning.



The Power Of Steam 


A McCulloch steam cleaner heats up water to a temperature high enough to produce steam capable of not only cleaning, but disinfecting 99% of bacteria. Using the powerful jet nozzle, steam can penetrate cracks and crevices, eliminate bacteria and remove grease and grime - so you don’t have to waste time painstakingly scrubbing surfaces.


Another great benefit? One steam cleaner will save you money in the long run, eliminating the need to purchase several different products for different surfaces throughout your kitchen. You can even stop buying and replacing all those cleaning chemicals: all you need is water.


That means you’re not only saving time and money - you’re saving the environment too.



What Can I Steam Clean In My Kitchen? 


The McCulloch MC1385 deluxe steam cleaner includes 23 versatile accessories as standard, meaning there’s a perfect attachment for a wide variety of surfaces included right in the box.


We’ve broken down the areas throughout your kitchen where steam cleaning is needed most, and what attachments you can use to make cleaning even easier.



Stovetops & Ovens


Does the mere thought of scrubbing greasy kitchen surfaces gross you out?


Ovens and stovetops can be notoriously difficult to clean as a result of built up cooking grease and burnt food particles, but McCulloch has you covered. A steam cleaner makes light work of this by using hot steam to effortlessly remove any caked on grease and grime - especially inside the oven where messes are tough to reach.



The five pack of round scrub pads is designed to scrub tough dirt and scuffs from ovens, countertops, bathtubs, sinks, refrigerators and a variety of other surfaces. For tougher food particles, the scraper attachment is included specifically for this reason, allowing you to easily get under - and get rid of - the bad kind of leftovers.



Countertops & Backsplashes


The use of harsh chemicals can easily damage some countertops and increase the risk of getting into your food.


The round scrub pad attachment is designed for use on countertops, allowing you to effectively steam clean your kitchen bench and disinfect the areas you’re preparing your family meals on. It also means you’re not left with a sticky countertop even after you’ve cleaned - and that’s something you won’t miss. Need to clean the corners of your counters? Try the triangle brush instead.


You can also use the steam cleaner to properly sanitise your backsplash or kitchen tiles as well, with a handful of different accessory options on hand depending on the surface type. And as hot steam dries fast, you no longer have to deal with streaky water marks across your beautiful backsplash.



Sinks & Faucets


Kitchen sinks can easily turn into a cleaning nightmare. With drain holes acting as a filter for food waste, and your basin being in regular contact with dirty dishwater, it’s no surprise that these areas build up grime and bacteria quickly.

You can use the round scrub pad attachment to completely disinfect the kitchen sink - no hard scrubbing required. With the nylon utility brush, you can easily clean your faucet fixtures (even ceramic tile and grouting) and have them spick and span in no time.



Kitchen Floors


The kitchen floor is often the messiest part of the kitchen, especially after you’re done wiping down every other surface. Sometimes a quick sweep doesn’t cut it, and you need something a bit more powerful to properly clean your floors.


The mop attachment is perfectly suited to stone, slate, glazed ceramic tile or sealed hardwood floors. With traditional and scrubbing mop pad options, you’ll be able to utilise hot steam to remove any scuffs and stains from your floors - and have them dry in no time flat.





Our kitchens are full of appliances, but as these are big and bulky they usually only get a quick wipe down with a wet sponge - which isn’t really the most effective way to kill germs and bacteria.


The nylon utility brush or the round brush attachments will allow you to properly clean your fridge and microwave. Say goodbye to dirty fingerprints and weird food smudges. 





Your kitchen should be a place to enjoy cooking, eating and spending time with family.


Cleaning is never fun, but it can be a whole lot easier and more effective.  With 23 accessories included in the box, McCulloch’s steam cleaners are designed for cleaning nearly every surface in your kitchen - so the only thing you need to worry about is what to eat for dinner.

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