Take Heavy Duty Cleaning to the Next Level with Steam.

Kill bacteria and sanitise without the use of harsh chemicals.

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Our steam cleaners effectively clean most surfaces with no chemicals to maximise safety for you, your family, your pets and our environment.

Steam power for multi-surface cleaning

Hot Steam. High Power.

Water is all you need to create 100 deg C steam to blast away dirt, grease & grime & kill bacterias.

Non-Toxic & Family Friendly

Safely kills bacteria & germs in homes & businesses with no more harsh, toxic chemicals.

Clean Everywhere

From kitchens to bathrooms, & floors to ceilings, you’ll be cleaning just about everything effectively & 100% chemical free.

Need help with your warranty?

McCulloch Steam Australia is here to help with dedicated service.

The right accessory for the right surface.

Make your cleaning as efficient & effective as possible.

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