Collection: Steam Cleaners

By heating up water to 100°C, the McCulloch Steam Cleaners blast away dirt, grease, and grime to kill 99.9% of bacteria and germs, all without sacrificing the quality of your clean.

Dirt has met its match with McCulloch's easy-to-use, versatile and chemical-free Steam Cleaners.

  • Steam Cleaning your BBQ & Outdoor Area

    Need a high-performance outdoor steam cleaner? Discover the best with McCulloch Steam.

    Outdoor BBQ Steam Cleaners 
  • Choosing the right Steam Cleaner for your Bathroom

    Looking for a top-notch bathroom steam cleaner? Experience superior cleaning with McCulloch Steam.

    Bathroom Steam Cleaners 
  • Steam Cleaning your Car

    Looking for an impressive car steam cleaner? Look no further than McCulloch Steam.

    Car Steam Cleaners 
  • Choosing the right Tile Steam Cleaner

    Need a reliable steam cleaner for tiles? McCulloch Steam has got you covered.

    Tile Steam Cleaners 
  • Using a Steam Cleaner for Grout

    Need a powerful steam cleaner that can tackle grout? Discover elite cleaning with McCulloch Steam.

    Grout Steam Cleaners 
  • Choosing the right High Pressure Steam Cleaner?

    Looking for an effective high pressure steam cleaner? Experience next-level cleaning with McCulloch Steam.

    High Pressure Steam Cleaners 
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