How To Steam Clean Your Living Room

How To Steam Clean Your Living Room

How To Steam Clean Your Living Room (The Big Stuff)

Effectively Clean The Most Popular Room In The House.


The living room is easily one of the most frequented rooms in any home.


It’s a space for entertaining family and friends, and a place to relax after a long day. Therefore, it deserves some extra attention to ensure you’re cleaning this room effectively, and creating a safe and happy environment for you and your visitors.


A powerful and efficient steam cleaner like the McCulloch Deluxe can be used on almost all surfaces throughout your living room and can leave this space looking spotless and fresh.


Here are all the areas throughout your living room you can clean using a steam cleaner.



Steam Cleaning Fabric & Upholstery

Couches & Sofas


We all know how easy it is to spend time on the couch. It’s where you chill out to binge the latest shows, hang out with the family for board game nights and where you sit and chat when people come over.


Whether you’re catching up on TV or catching up with friends and family, your couch or sofa is catching up on all those dropped crumbs, morsels and the occasional spilled drink. All you need to do is lift the couch cushions to see what’s been left behind (or to find your phone) to realise how quickly this all builds up.


While this can mostly all be swept away or vacuumed, it’s not the most effective way to clean these areas - and certainly not the best way to remove any light stains.


The good news is you can use hot steam to clean your couch or sofa without the need for any chemicals or shampoos that take ages to dry. Using the angled nozzle that comes included with your McCulloch steam cleaner, run the attachment over any specific areas to efficiently clean them, and remove bacteria and food stains in the process. Tackle small sections at a time if cleaning the whole sofa - this will decrease drying time.


Curtains & Drapes

Just like the fabric on your couch, you can also steam clean your curtains and drapes. These can easily build up dust over time, especially if they’re dragging across the floor when being opened or closed to let the sunshine in (or to get a little privacy each night).


Using the triangle brush attachment, start by holding your steam cleaner 15cm away from the fabric to ensure it doesn’t get overly wet or hot, moving closer as needed. Start at the top, working your way downwards for best results.


You don’t need to take these down to clean them, but depending on the style of your curtains and drapes you might find it easier to do so.



Steam Cleaning Flooring

Carpets & Rugs

Carpets and rugs easily pick up dirt, stains and gross footprints, so steam cleaning is an effective way of getting these to look good as new again, while killing germs and bacteria in the process.


Start by vacuuming up any loose dust and food crumbs to prepare the area for steam cleaning. McCulloch’s triangle brush is designed to perform longer, slower strokes allowing the nozzle to get into the carpet and remove all kinds of dirt. The use of hot steam rather than lukewarm water means your carpets will dry much quicker, meaning no accidental soggy footprints!


Sealed Floors

McCulloch’s mop head attachment is perfect for steam cleaning large flooring areas, such as sealed floorboards and sealed laminate floor surfaces. Simply attach the mop pads to the mop head, and work your way across your floors in long, continuous strokes. 


The hot steam will dry quickly, meaning you no longer have to wait as long to enjoy your living room space again, and minimising the risk of slippery floors for your kids and pets.


DO NOT use a steam cleaner on unsealed surfaces, as the heat and moisture can damage or warp the flooring material.



The mop head attachment is also useful for cleaning tiled floors, if this is what you have throughout your living room. This setup is perfect for removing any stains and scuff from hard floors - something that is especially visible if your tiles are lighter in colour.





McCulloch steam cleaners are becoming increasingly popular due to their cleaning versatility and power - being one product that can clean almost any surface.


To ensure the cleanest and most enjoyable living room possible, check out the McCulloch Deluxe steam cleaner. With 23 versatile accessories included and relying on water not chemicals, it’s the best investment you can make for a clean home, all year round.

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