Car Detailing Using A Steam Cleaner

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Car Detailing Using A Steam Cleaner

Car Detailing Using A Steam Cleaner

The car detailing world is changing.



If you’re a professional car detailer, you know better than anyone just how dirty a car can get.


It’s not just mud, dirt, dust and everything in between covering the exterior of the car that you need to worry about - the interior can get just as messy, especially when kids have been on board. After spilled drinks, dropped food, handprints across the windows, and the general rubbish left throughout, there are plenty of surfaces that need tackling.


With Australians flying less & driving more, the demand for vehicle cleaning has increased. As a result, car detailers are turning to steam cleaning as a more efficient - and effective - method of cleaning almost every car surface, both inside and out.


McCulloch’s Deluxe Canister steam cleaners have become incredibly popular with car detailers due to their effectiveness and efficiency, and with 23 accessories included in the box, it’s also incredibly versatile.


Here’s how a powerful steam cleaner like McCulloch is changing how car detailing is done.



Car Exterior 


Steam cleaning is not only a safe and effective method of cleaning the exterior of a car, it also helps to keep its original shine and lustre.


Hot steam breaks down dirt and dust without the need for harsh chemicals that could damage the paint. And because of its high temperature, steam dries quickly, meaning you don’t need to spend time drying down the exterior after a wash.


McCulloch’s jet nozzle can be used for both the “pre-rinse” phase (for loosening any caked on dirt and mud) and the final detailing phase of cleaning a vehicle’s exterior to ensure every car ends up looking spick and span. The extension wand can also be attached for those harder to reach areas, like the top of each vehicle.



Wheels and Rims 


Your rims and tyres are some of the most expensive parts of your car’s exterior, so it’s in your best interest to put adequate effort into cleaning them. The finish on most metal car rims is sensitive, and they can be damaged if you use harsh cleaning products and solutions on them. Steel wool, stiff bristle brushes, and abrasive scouring pads can all scratch the metal finish.



The McCulloch MC1385 Steam Cleaner delivers pressurised steam that can emulsify and lift the dirt off your car rim quickly and effectively. Specifically, the jet nozzle will lift the dirt, dust and mud from the wheels and the round scrub pad is great for buffing your rims to get them back to their former glory.





Steam cleaning is also safe and effective to use on windows, mirrors and windscreens.


Easily get rid of bugs, dirt, stains and smudges by using McCulloch’s squeegee attachment to clean all vehicle glass areas, starting at the top of the glass and working your way down. And with hot steam drying so quickly, you no longer need to worry about unsightly water streak marks as the windows dry.



Car Interior  


A common misconception about steam cleaning is the idea it can only be used on hard surfaces - but this is wrong. With its quick drying feature, it's also effective on upholstery, carpets and leather.





Forget using chemicals and shampoos to clean upholstery - a steam cleaner requires only water to get the same results, but quicker.


Using McCulloch’s triangle brush attachment, you can run the steam cleaner over the carpets and fabrics throughout the interior of each vehicle to effectively break down any lingering stains or dirt.


Want to save more time? Attaching the large brush to the triangle brush attachment makes it even quicker and easier to cover larger interior surfaces (like headliners), without sacrificing the quality of the clean



Leather, Plastic & Vinyl


After cleaning the car’s upholstery, you can move straight on to other areas without having to swap out the triangle brush attachment.


You can use this softer brush across leather, plastic and vinyl interior surfaces - like the console areas, steering wheel and gear stick. This allows for a nice, even clean, efficiently removing any dust and oils in the process. For more premium interior surfaces, wrap a microfiber cloth around the triangle brush head before lightly running this over each relevant surface area.



Hard To Reach Areas


The interior of a vehicle contains a number of surfaces that are hard to clean - or reach - using traditional cleaning tools.


McCulloch’s angled nozzle attachment is specifically designed to clean these tough to reach areas, such as (but not limited to) cup holders, door pockets, dash vents, and console nooks.



Cleaning Around Electronics


As cars develop, so does the amount of technology included inside. Most modern cars now include a touch screen in addition to traditional electronic elements of the interior, which means cleaning these areas can be tricky depending on the design.


Applying steam directly to these areas is not recommended, as this can easily cause damage. Be mindful of steam cleaning around these surfaces, and use a microfiber cloth instead to ensure the safest clean.





Steam cleaning is fast becoming the future of car detailing, especially as misconceptions about the quality and efficiency of this method are being put to rest. And as hot steam disinfects surfaces as it cleans, it's an additional peace of mind in a climate where cleanliness and hygiene are crucial factors for all customers.


Stop spending money on cleaning chemicals and equipment, and invest in a McCulloch steam cleaner today to ensure your customers are getting the cleanest car possible.