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Why use steam products for cleaning?

A natural and healthy cleaning method, steam cleaning allows you to remove hard to see bacteria and dirt, without the use of harmful chemicals. Steam products provide a cleaning method safe to have around children and animals.

Can chemicals be used in my steam cleaner?

No, McCulloch steam cleaners are designed to emit a pure vapor, free of chemicals. By adding a chemical you may damage the unit and void your warranty.

Is the use of distilled water necessary?

Although we recommend using distilled water, you may use tap water depending on the hardness of your water. Hard water will cause your steamer to collect mineral deposits which could shorten the life of your unit.

Which units have a boiler and what are the safety features?

The units we range have a boiler-style heating system are the MC1375 and MC1385. The heating element in the boiler is controlled by a thermostat. The thermostat will turn off power to the heating element once the temperature to create steam has been reached and turns it back on automatically as needed to maintain normal operation. If the thermostat were to fail, there is a fuse that will completely cut power to the unit preventing it to overheat. Also, the boiler cap has an over-pressure device built in so if the boiler should become over pressurised it will allow pressure to release.

Can I use more than one discount code at checkout?

No, all codes and offers are independent of each other and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount.

Can I pick up my order if I live in the Perth Metro Area?

If you live in the Perth Metro Area and you're hoping to pick up your order in person from our warehouse, we ask before you place your order, to please call and get in contact our team, so we can advise you on the process to facilitate this.

Can I use PayPal at checkout?

No, you cannot use PayPal at checkout. McCulloch Steam Australia only accepts credit cards or Afterpay as payment options. If you'd like to use another payment option such as PayPal, please visit Harvey Norman or one of our other retailers.

Do McCulloch Steam Australia range other McCulloch products such as Chainsaws, Lawn Mowers, Leaf Blowers, Grass Trimmers, Hedge Trimmers & Brushcutters?

No, McCulloch Steam Australia only range Australian versions of McCulloch Steam Cleaners and accessories. For more information regarding these products, try visiting the McCulloch International website.


How often do I need to replace my mop pads of my McCulloch Steam Cleaner?

If you notice that your steamer is leaving behind excess water or your unit becomes difficult to push, place a new pad on your machine.

How do I wash and dry my microfiber mop pads?

Mop pads can be machine washed in warm water on delicate cycle. Use only liquid detergents. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners. Do not wash with other items especially cotton or cotton blended materials. Air drying is recommended, but can be dried in dryer on a low heat setting. Do not dry with other items especially cotton or cotton blended materials.

Canister Steam Cleaner

Is a McCulloch Steam Cleaner a carpet extractor or shampooer?

No. This machine does not extract nor does it dispense water or detergent. It uses steam to sanitise, refresh and deodorise your carpets. Debris should be suctioned off of your floor by your vacuum before using the steam cleaner. Your steam cleaner should be used for spot cleaning only.

The steam coming out of my McCulloch Steam Cleaner feels cool, not hot. Why?

When water reaches the temperature of 100°C, your unit will produce steam. At the moment the steam hits the air, it cools and begins to turn back into water. Please wait until the unit has fully heated up before use.

Are McCulloch Steam Cleaners suitable for steam cleaning carpets?

McCulloch Steam Cleaners are not suitable for steam cleaning carpets. However, they can be used for spot cleaning of carpets. McCulloch Steam Cleaners do not extract water from the carpet and are not meant to be whole room carpet cleaners.

When I went to use my McCulloch Steam Cleaner, and water came out. Why?

It is normal for some water to dispense from the unit when initially being used. As the unit is heating up, condensation builds up in the nozzle and when you use it for the first time, water may be dispensed but will turn to steam momentarily.

Why is water left behind after using my McCulloch Steam Cleaner?

While using your steamer, the steam nozzle should be close to the surface that you are cleaning. This will break down and blast away messes on the surface. Water being left behind is normal as the steam cools and condensation occurs. This moisture can be easily wiped away with a microfibre cloth, depending on the surface.

Why did the hose length of the McCulloch Steam Cleaners change from 3 metres to 2.1 metres?

In 2022, the McCulloch Steam Cleaners were upgraded to include a shorter hose length of 2.1 metres. The change has seen an increase the output temperature of the steam by 5-7 degrees Celsius compared to McCulloch Steam Cleaners with the original 3m length hose. Shortening the hose means that the steam travels a shorter distance from the boiler to the nozzle, and as a result, shortening the chance for the steam to drop in pressure and temperature. This allows you to harness the power of steam more effectively and sooner.

As soon as I push the unit trigger on my McCulloch Steam Cleaner, the pressure drops from 58 psi to 29 psi. Why?

The MC1375 and MC1385 steamer will build up pressure to 58 psi (4 BAR). Once you press the steam trigger, the pressure will be released and it will drop down to approximately 29 psi (2 BAR). This is normal operating condition. Once trigger has been released and steam stops, the unit will build pressure back to 58 psi.

Why does the Australian versions of the McCulloch Steam Cleaners not include the Trigger lock, like the US version?

The Trigger lock that is included on the US version of McCulloch Steam Cleaners did not pass strict Australia Safety Standards due to the power of the units.

How long does it take for a McCulloch Steam Cleaner to heat up?

For maximum steam pressure, you have to wait until the Pressure Gauge on the McCulloch Steam Cleaner reaches the red section, which when the Water Reservoir is at maximum capacity, can take up to 30 minutes to fully heat up & reach the red section.

How long does it take for a McCulloch Steam Cleaner to cool down?

A McCulloch Steam Cleaner will take at least 30 minutes to cool down. When the unit has cooled down, the Pressure Gauge will be at zero. Allowing the Steam Cleaner to cool down fully is a step that is required before opening the Cap on the Water Reservoir.  Download the User Manual from the product pages on the McCulloch Steam Australia website.