How To Steam Clean Your Bedroom

How To Steam Clean Your Bedroom

Don’t lose sleep over cleaning your bedroom.

Wondering whether a steam cleaner is a worthwhile investment?

Steam cleaning is one of the most efficient and effective ways to remove dirt, grease and grime, and it’s environmentally friendly too - relying on hot steam to disinfect loosen dirt particles without the need for any harsh or toxic chemicals.

Unlike other cleaning products that are limited to cleaning one particular type of surface, a McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Steam Cleaner is incredibly versatile, with 23 attachments included that allow you to clean almost any surface.

We’ve already written a range of articles around how to steam clean your kitchen, bathroom, living room, car, patio and even your BBQ - and now we’re showing you just how you can steam clean your bedroom too.

Now that’s versatile.


Why Should I Steam Clean My Bedroom?

On average, we spend about a third of our lives asleep (or trying to get to sleep). On top of that, we also spend time in our rooms getting changed, chilling out to music and indulging in other extracurricular activities. That all adds up to being a lot of time spent in our bedrooms.

Ensuring there’s no dust or dirt particles in your room is incredibly helpful for maintaining good sleep hygiene too - something that we can probably all use a little help with these days.

But the bedroom is also an area where you don’t really want to be bringing in any harsh or toxic cleaning chemicals - like when you’re spraying down mirrors and windows with glass cleaners, or trying to clean carpets with a foul smelling shampoo - so getting the same results from odourless hot steam is a massive benefit, and much safer too.


Steam Cleaning Your Bedroom  

This might be the first time you’ve steam cleaned your bedroom, so we’ve broken down the areas within your room where you can safely use your steam cleaner for maximum cleaning results.


You’re used to washing your sheets and pillow cases on a regular basis (or at least, you should be), but you’re probably not used to cleaning your mattress. A big reason for this is because washing it means waiting a long period of time for it to dry, but this isn’t the case with steam cleaning. Hot steam dries extremely fast, so you can efficiently clean without dealing with a wet mattress for hours on end - that’s something you don’t want to lose sleep over.

So why steam clean your mattress in the first place? It’s the most efficient way to remove bacteria and dead skin cells that build up over time through the normal course of using the mattress. Additionally, as we move into summer, we have to deal with endless hot nights where we tend to sweat through our sheets and into the mattress, so steam cleaning regularly helps to remove this built up sweat and prevent stains.

Use the triangle brush attachment to tackle your mattress, and start out 15cm away from the surface area, moving closer as needed.


Carpet & Flooring

Carpeting is a common flooring option throughout bedrooms, but these can easily pick up dirt and dust as you walk throughout the house. Steam cleaning is the perfect solution for effectively removing dirt and gross footprint stains too, so your carpets will be back to looking good as new in no time (and dry in no time too). That means you can say goodbye to those carpet foams and shampoos that nobody likes.

For tackling carpet, use the triangle brush and work your way over the surface in long, slow strokes, working your way into the grooves of it’s design.

Remember to vacuum before steam cleaning to ensure larger dust, pet hair and dirt particles (or even food crumbs if you’re someone who enjoys breakfast in bed) are removed and not preventing the steam cleaner from doing its job.

Don’t have carpet? You can also use your steam cleaner on sealed floorboards, concrete and tiled floors. Use the mop head attachment with mop pads for these larger areas and work your way across your floors in long, continuous strokes.

If your floor is clearly unsealed (or you suspect that it may be done improperly) then don’t attempt to steam clean it. Steam cleaning creates moisture and may leave the surfaces wet, which can cause unsuitable wooden surfaces to swell and warp. 

Curtains & Drapes

Curtains and drapes can easily collect dust over short periods of time, so it’s good to clean these on a regular basis.

The triangle brush can also be used on curtains or drapes too - start 15cm away from the fabric and move closer as needed. This allows you to control the heat and moisture levels for your specific curtain or drape material.

You can use the steam cleaner on your curtain and drapes while they’re hanging, but feel free to take these down if it makes it quicker and easier for you.

Mirrors & Windows

Steam cleaning is also a prime way of cleaning glass surfaces - like your bedroom windows and mirrors - without being left with weird smudge marks that come with using a cloth and glass cleaner spray.

The squeegee attachment is specifically designed for cleaning glass surfaces. Start at the top of the window or mirror and work your way downwards: this will prevent water streaking down and leave you with a spotless - and smudgeless - glass surface. 


 Are you someone who has many pillows on your bed, or has  a small armchair in your room where you can settle in with a good book? You can steam clean these too!

Using the triangle brush attachment will let you cover these surfaces, and let you get into difficult angles like the inside corners of the couch.



If there’s anything else in your bedroom that you’re thinking about steam cleaning, check out our steam cleaning surface guide first - just in case. Or if you’re looking for more information about the 23 accessories included in the box of the McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Steam Cleaner, you can check out our steam cleaner accessory guide too.

McCulloch’s steam cleaners are designed to make cleaning easier, more efficient and chemical free - so you can spend less time cleaning your room and more time relaxing. Now that’s the dream.


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