How To Steam Clean Your Patio

How To Steam Clean Your Patio

With Spring right around the corner, it’s time to look forward to sunshine and just a bit more warmth - and that means more time spent outside. 

With backyard BBQs and outdoor get-togethers on the horizon again, it’s time to start getting the patio in tip-top shape for when guests arrive, especially after a season of rain, mud and dirt being whipped around your outdoor areas by the winter winds.

If you’re looking to get your patio and outdoor area clean again, it’s time to get your hands on a Steam Cleaner.


Spring Steaming

Why steam?

Hot steam can be used to blast away dirt, grease and grime, effectively disinfecting almost any surface and killing bacteria and germs in the process.

The best part? McCulloch’s Deluxe Canister steam cleaner uses only water - no chemicals needed - making it much safer, more environmentally friendly and much more cost effective long term.

The even better part? It’s not just your patio that can benefit. One steam cleaner can handle almost every surface, meaning you can use it in your kitchen, bathroom, living room, car and even on your BBQ!

That means Spring cleaning (and beyond) just got a whole lot simpler.


Steam Cleaning Your Patio

With 23 attachments included in the box, your McCulloch steam cleaner has everything you need to clean your patio and outdoor area.

Brick Pavers

For most patios, brick pavers are the go-to flooring of choice.

Clean these up properly by applying hot steam with the main jet nozzle attachment of the steam cleaning unit. This will allow you to cover a wider surface area, and effectively get out any mud and dirt that might be caked onto your pavers.

Timber Decking

If you have sealed timber decking outside your house, you can use the jet nozzle to steam clean this surface too. Hot steam dries exceptionally quickly too, reducing the risk of any slips that you’d have if you had just hosed it down instead.

If your sealed decking just needs a quick once over, grab the mop attachment instead - this will give you a smoother, more consistent clean that will get your decking looking spick and span in no time.

Don’t apply hot steam if your deck is not sealed, as this can cause damage due to the wood and paint.


If your outdoor flooring is made of concrete, then you’re in luck - steam cleaning works wonders on this surface too! Once again, your jet nozzle attachment is what you’ll need to effectively rid this area of any mud and dirt.


If you’re wanting to get the whole patio clean, don’t forget the windows and glass doors looking back into the house.

The squeegee attachment is designed to allow you to effectively steam clean glass surfaces. Start at the top and slowly work your way down - that way you don’t get any unsightly water streak marks, especially as hot steam dries super quickly. 


If you’re gearing up for a barbecue, then you’re in luck!

Not only can you use the steam cleaner to get rid of grease and grime from your last cook-up, we’ve actually written a step-by-step guide to steam cleaning your BBQ for you so you know exactly what to do.

Ceramic Pots

If you’ve got some fancy ceramic plant pots around your patio or outdoor space, you can give these a once over with the jet nozzle attachment too.

Just like the timber decking, these ceramic pots need to be sealed if you’re going to apply this level of heat to reduce the risk of damage.

Sports Equipment

Did you know that you can even steam cleaning your sporting equipment?

Whether it’s the family football or your prized set of golf clubs, hot steam can easily disinfect and clean these surfaces, ensuring the next time you’re handling them they’re as hygienic as possible.



If you’re new to steam cleaning don’t stress - we’ve got you covered with our Surface Guide, as well as some mistakes to avoid to ensure that you know everything you need to to get the best results possible.

Invest in a McCulloch steam cleaner today, and get your patio Spring (and Summer) ready in no time.

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