Top 8 Toughest Surfaces To Clean

Top 8 Toughest Surfaces To Clean

With the hustle and bustle of daily life, the last thing you need is tough home surfaces to clean. Fortunately, McCulloch has specialised in designing and manufacturing top quality steam cleaners. With a McCulloch Steam Cleaner, even the 8 toughest surfaces can be cleaned easily.


Why steam clean?

There are many reasons for using a Steam Cleaner for general home maintenance and cleaning.

We’ve outlined the top three reasons but if you’d like a full breakdown of why to use a steam cleaner, check out our article on the topic

Effective and easy

Steam Cleaners provide a completely natural and safe clean. Using nothing but heated water to produce sanitising steam, a Steam Cleaner offers a truly effective clean as well. Moreover, you can achieve a truly comprehensive clean with a minimal amount of effort and in absolute record time. 

Chemical free

There are many ‘effective’ cleaners and cleaning substances available in the market that contain chemicals which vary from either downright harmful to, at least, artificial. With a McCulloch Steam Cleaner, you don’t have to worry about a thing because no chemicals are required whatsoever. So, whether or not you have young children or pets around the house, steam cleaning is the way to go. 

Cost effective

Apart from being affordably priced in and of itself, Steam Cleaners are also cost effective for ongoing use. Using nothing but water, you don’t have to constantly stock up on expensive deodorants or cleaning solutions. Plus, being highly versatile you can clean multiple surfaces without having to invest in further accessories and/or pieces of equipment. From the dirt and scum in the bathroom to the grease and stains of the kitchen, steam cleaners can be used throughout the house.


The Top 8 Toughest Surfaces:

The top 8 toughest surfaces to clean in your home are all made easy with a McCulloch Steam Cleaner. 

1. BBQ

If you have and use a barbeque, you won’t be surprised that this makes our top 8list. We all know how important cleaning the grill is after every use but that doesn’t make the chore any easier. Grease, grit and more can build up on your barbecue despite your best efforts. Which is why you should use a McCulloch Steam Cleaner on your BBQ

2. Oven and stovetops

Your oven or stovetop is probably used multiple times a week, at the very least. While all surfaces in your kitchen are susceptible to a build-up of all sorts of dirt and grime, the oven/stovetop are exposed to the most and thus the hardest to clean. 

Unlike hot soapy water (or a wet rag), hot steam very easily loosens up grease and grime from almost any surface, while killing germs and bacteria at the same time. That means you can spend less time cleaning, and more time enjoying & cooking in the kitchen.

3. Fridge

Despite the fact that we are all busy ourselves in our fridges throughout the day, we hardly ever stop to think about clearing it out and cleaning it up. That’s why when you do get round to cleaning your fridge it can prove to be among the toughest of areas of the house. With a steam cleaner you don't have to worry and can get the job done in an impressively short period of time. 

4. Kitchen Sinks

A lot goes into your kitchen sink, down the drain and over the faucet. Somewhat surprisingly, it can actually be quite tough to eliminate germs and bacteria, and get your kitchen sink sparkly clean. With the power of steam, you’ll no longer be fighting an uphill battle.

For a complete breakdown of how to use a steam cleaner in your kitchen, check out our guide today. 

5. Curtains and Drapes

Your living room has a number of different surface areas that require specialist attention, but few items leave homeowners quite as baffled as curtains and drapes. High temperature steam works wonders in breaking down and dissolving dirt from fabrics and upholsteries without using any harsh chemicals. Gently pass the steam cleaner nozzle over the surface area to have your curtains & other fabrics looking fresh and clean. You might be shocked at how much dust and dirt can be accumulated on a curtain, but with a steam cleaner you won’t have to wonder about how to get it cleaned. 

Keep your steam cleaner away from fabrics like silk, velour, velvet, suede and anything with a wax coating, as steam may damage these delicate fabrics. Remember to test out a small, less visible patch of the fabric to ensure that it does not negatively affect the fabric.

6. Mattresses

Mattresses are used every single night and you’d be amazed by how much dirt, skin cells and sweat seeps into your mattress over the course of days, weeks, months, and years of use. Steam cleaning regularly helps to remove this build up. Cleaning a mattress can be the most difficult part of bedroom cleaning which is exactly why you need a steam cleaner.

7. Patio (Brick Pavers, Sealed Timber Decking & Concrete)

Patios are exposed to a lot. Being located outside the house, your patio will see everything from rain to dirt, and mud to sun. This can cause a large amount of build-up and an equally large amount of cleaning. Fortunately, steam cleaners can be supremely effective at cleaning patios.   

8. Car Interiors 

Even if you’re meticulous with what (and who) you let into your car, the interiors of your car will need some deep cleaning from time to time. Fortunately, steam cleaners can take the headache out of the entire process. 

Keep in mind though, some fabrics used in car upholstery are naturally sensitive, and like any delicate material, can be easily damaged by high levels of heat. We always recommend spot testing a small and less visible patch of fabric to check that the steam won’t burn, shrink or ruin the material.

Want to find out how to carry out car detailing with a Steam Cleaner? Click here!


Why choose McCulloch?

Not all steam cleaners are created equal. There are a lot of reasons why you should choose a McCulloch Steam Cleaner.

  • Multiple accessories included to suit a wide variety of applications.
  • Two-year comprehensive warranty for all of our steam cleaners.
  • Suitable for many surfaces, appliances, and furniture throughout the house.
  • Built to last to clean both inside and outside the home.

Whether it’s the 8 toughest surfaces around the house or just general home cleaning done effectively and easily, the best choice is McCulloch. To find out more about McCulloch steam cleaners click here.

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