Why Use A Steam Cleaner?

Why Use A Steam Cleaner?

Why Use A Steam Cleaner?

One Product. Unlimited Cleaning.


Over the past year, our mindset toward cleaning has totally changed.


We’re cleaning more frequently than ever, and certainly trying to clean deeper and more effectively than ever too. While sanitising and cleaning every surface is an effective way to remove germs and bacteria, the flipside is that you’re bringing many more harsh chemicals into your home or workspace which comes with it’s own health risks.


It’s time to switch to a safer way of cleaning with steam cleaning.



The Power Of Steam 

Chemical Free

There are many advantages to using a steam cleaner but arguably the biggest is its chemical and toxin-free process.


Hot steam kills bacteria and allergens to effectively deodorise and sanitise areas without the use of chemical-based cleaners, allowing for the easy removal of dirt, grease and grime from almost any surface. That means no more weird chemical smells or sticky surfaces, even after you’ve cleaned.


Removing the use of harsh chemicals throughout your home means it’s much safer for you, your kids and your pets, without sacrificing the quality of your clean. The lack of chemicals also makes a steam cleaner a much more sustainable and environmentally friendly option: no more chemicals getting washed down the drain or plastic bottles being tossed out - just one, effective cleaning product.


Breathe Easy

Airborne allergens are some of the most prolific allergy triggers: around 18% of people in Australia suffer from Hay Fever, which can last for months and can lead to further symptoms like sinus headaches. Dust mites are also recognised asthma and allergy triggers, so the sooner you remove allergens from your environment, the better.


When you switch to using a steam cleaner, it’s a literal sigh of relief for asthma and allergy sufferers.



Multi-Surface Cleaning


Most cleaning products are designed to clean only one specific surface or area (and can be downright dangerous to use elsewhere).


McCulloch steam cleaners are built to clean almost every surface, both inside and outside. From flooring and carpets, sofas and curtains, tiles and mirrors, showers and sinks, patios & decking, cars & BBQs - even kids toys - the list goes on! It doesn’t matter if you need to clean one room, your whole house or even your car - McCulloch does it all.

Each McCulloch steam cleaner comes with 23 versatile accessories to ensure you have the right tool for the right surface at all times.



Cost Effective


One steam cleaner is versatile enough to replace multiple household cleaning products.


Buying various cleaning products and chemicals on a regular basis is expensive and inefficient, especially if you’re regularly cleaning bigger areas like large homes or office spaces. A steam cleaner requires only water, making it extremely cost effective in the long run. And with all 23 attachments easy to clean, there are no ongoing maintenance or replacement costs either. One purchase - unlimited cleaning possibilities.


Invest in a McCulloch steam cleaner today and start saving.





Steam cleaning offers many benefits and advantages to keeping your home and environment as clean as possible, at all times. Once you make the switch to steam cleaning, you won’t want to go back.


Ditch the expensive and harmful chemicals, and find a safer, more efficient way of cleaning with McCulloch.

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