McCulloch Steam Accessory Guide

McCulloch Steam Accessory Guide

The McCulloch Deluxe Canister steam cleaner comes with 23 accessories and attachments included in the box. But with so many to choose from, it can sometimes be tricky choosing the right one for the right surface - especially if you’re brand new to steam cleaning.

The Owner’s Guide found in the box breaks these down, but we’ve gone a step further and written this article to better explain each accessory and its use, so you can get the absolute best cleaning experience possible.


Accessory Breakdown

Jet Nozzle / Angled Nozzle

While the majority of the attachments included with the Deluxe Canister steam cleaner are designed with a specific surface or function in mind, the jet and angled nozzle attachments will likely be your main attachments suitable for most surfaces, allowing you to get in and clean dirt, grease and grime, and get into cracks and crevices.

You can even use these attachments to clean down items like golf clubs and muddy running shoes - how good is that!

Triangle Brush

When cleaning, it can be frustrating trying to get into those tight corners with a standard flat attachment head, meaning you end up having to get a rag to dig into these areas.

The triangle brush attachment is perfect for getting into those tight corners on countertops, bathtubs and floors. With it’s triangular, pointed design, it can not only easily reach these crevices, but clean them much more efficiently too with the power of hot steam.


As any messy home (or professional) cook knows, it’s very easy to get food everywhere throughout your kitchen - often resulting in bits of food and raw ingredients getting stuck on multiple surfaces. 


This is especially true of areas like the oven and stove tops - those places where food ends up spitting, and then sticking, way more frequently than we can control.

The scraper head allows you to apply hot steam while scraping these surfaces, so you can easily loosen up and remove any stuck food, grease and grime - and properly disinfect the area while you’re at it. 

Round Scrub Pad

The round scrub pad will likely be your go-to attachment, especially if you’re steam cleaning multiple surfaces throughout your home.

If you need to clean and disinfect your kitchen and bathroom countertops, bathtub, sink, fridge, oven or even slate surfaces, just snap on the round scrub pad attachment and get stuck into it.

With its compact design, you can easily get into any grooves and nooks across these surfaces, meaning a deeper and more complete clean. 

Nylon Utility Brush

In addition to all the same surfaces that the round scrub pad can be used on, the nylon utility brush can also be used across stove tops, sealed tiles, grout, showers - even sports equipment, toys and changing tables!

As arguably one of the most versatile attachments included in the box, it’s designed for not just disinfecting these surface areas, but also removing any stubborn dirt or unsightly scuff marks. Combining these tougher bristles with hot steam makes cleaning even smoother. 

Brass Utility Brush

For harder surfaces like BBQ grills and oven wire racks, the brass utility brush is your go-to attachment.

These are areas where food and grease REALLY get burnt and caked in, and their more durable surfaces allow for the more hardy, brass brush without the risk of damage or scratches. The hot steam generated while using this brush eliminates the need for harsh scrubbing, making your life easier - and allowing you to get back to cooking sooner.

Large Brush

One of the largest surfaces throughout your home that needs to be cleaned regularly is your floor. Between dropped food and whatever your family treks in at the end of each day, it’s definitely an area you want to keep clean on a regular basis.

The large brush attachment is perfect for steam cleaning your floors, but remember - steam cleaning is only suited for sealed surfaces, and isn’t to be used on unsealed hardwood or unglazed ceramic surfaces.


Need a deeper, smoother clean for your floors?

Turn your Deluxe canister steam cleaner into a mop, with the mop head accessory. With both traditional and scrubbing mop pads available, you can get the best clean for your floors, no matter the situation.

Again, steam cleaning is not meant for unsealed surfaces - stick to stone, slate, glazed ceramic tiles and sealed hardwood floors when using the mop attachment.

Bristle Brush Attachment

If you need to clean stone, slate or grout, grab the bristle brush attachment. This accessory allows you to remove any tougher dirt marks from these surfaces, especially useful if your flooring is designed using these materials.

Squeegee With Scrubbing Brush

Say goodbye to fingerprints and smudge marks across glass by cleaning them with hot steam.

The squeegee with scrubbing brush allows you to effectively clean glass surfaces throughout your home, such as shower walls and doors, mirrors and windows. You can even use it to steam clean the windows and mirrors on your car too! 


McCulloch’s steam cleaners are built for cleaning almost any surface, and by not relying on harsh chemicals they’re also a much safer cleaning option for your home.  

These accessories (and more) are all designed to make the entire cleaning process as efficient and as effective as possible. Now that you know when and where to use these accessories, it’s time to get started - enjoy cleaning!

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