Frequently Asked Questions About Steam Cleaning

Frequently Asked Questions About Steam Cleaning

We get it, you want it all. You want a multi-purpose, easy-to-use piece of equipment to clean your home from top to bottom in a way that actually leaves it spotless and sparkling, right?

That’s why we’ve developed the McCulloch MC1375 Canister Steam Cleaner.

This fantastically engineered device offers amazing commercial-level steam cleaning for your home. For those of you who are not 100% sold on the benefits and utility of a steam cleaner, this article is for you. We’ll answer some of the most commonly asked questions about the who, what, how and where of steam cleaning. 


Frequently asked questions about steam cleaning

(1)   What is steam cleaning?

Let’s start with the real basics: steam cleaning uses the steam generated through heat being applied to water to clean sealed floors and other domestic surfaces throughout the house. Steam cleaners don’t use detergents, soaps, chemicals or any other cleaning products. Instead, just distilled water in the canister is heated to over 100 degrees Celsius. This allows for a completely natural clean that sanitises surfaces with minimal effort and in record time.

(2)   Where can you use a steam cleaner?

Steam cleaners are excellent for use throughout the house! While the manner in which you steam clean can vary slightly depending on the particular application, steam is a really effective way to remove everything from grease in the kitchen to dirt in the bathtub.

In fact, if you want to know more about how to use your McCulloch steam cleaner around the house check out our other blog articles, including:

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(3)   How do you clean and maintain a steam cleaner?

To keep your steam cleaner working impeccably, all you need to do is carry out some really basic and quick maintenance.

For starters drain the tank so that there is no water inside before cleaning the different accessories and parts. Not only should you use distilled water instead of tap water when cleaning your house, you should also only ever put water in your steam cleaner to clean it itself (unless you’re descaling it). To find out more information about cleaning and maintenance, see our complete blog on the topic.

(4)   Is steam cleaning safe for pets?

In a word: yes! In a few more words: Unlike other household and domestic cleaners, there are no chemicals or harmful soaps in a steam cleaner. This means that whether you have precious furry babies or children and other family members with allergies or sensitivities, steam cleaning is perfectly safe!

(5)   Is steam cleaning bad for the environment?

Using a steam cleaner to keep your house spotless is one of the better and greener options available on the market. For one thing, the complete lack of chemicals means there’s less harmful pollution going into the environment. Secondly, there’s far less waste produced through steam cleaning than just about every other form of cleaning. If you’re looking for an environmentally-friendly option, steam cleaning takes the cake.

(6)   Can you use a steam cleaner outside?

Many people don’t realise it but steam cleaners can be used not just throughout the home but also on various surfaces and applications outside and around the house as well! From cleaning a patio to a BBQ, and even a car, these super cleaning machines are extraordinarily versatile, useful and effective.

(7)   Does a steam cleaner kill bacteria?

Yes. The hot vapours produced by your steam cleaner effectively kills bacteria, growing fungus and any dust mites living on the nearly every surface of your home. Whether you’re tackling the bathroom tiles, sanitising kitchen surfaces or spot cleaning couches, steam cleaners are highly effective and reliable.


Should you buy a steam cleaner for your home?

The number one question, of course, is whether you should buy a steam cleaner? While, at the end of the day the choice is up to you and mostly dependent on what you need, we can’t stress the many benefits of steam cleaning enough. This family-friendly, non-toxic, high-powered hot steam cleaner will absolutely do the job, and do it well! If you have any additional questions about any and all things steam and steam cleaning, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

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