Is Steam Cleaning Safe Around Pets?

Is Steam Cleaning Safe Around Pets?

Create A Safe Environment For The Whole Family.

Steam Cleaning and Pets: Is it safe?

One of the primary concerns when it comes to cleaning the home for families with young children and pets is safety. There are a wide range of cleaning equipment, chemicals and methods available to help you keep your home sparkling and germ free. While steam cleaning offers many benefits, one of the main advantages is that it creates a chemical-free, worry-free and safe environment for the whole family, including your furry, feathery, or scaly friends.


Steam Cleaners 101

Steam cleaners, such as the McCulloch MC1375 Canister Steam Cleaner, are multi-purpose systems. Perfect for cleaning a variety of home surfaces, a steam cleaner simply needs distilled water and power to work. The water, safely ensconced inside the canister, is heated to over 100 degrees Celsius to produce the steam necessary to help you clean, disinfect and sanitise your home.  At this temperature the steam safely kills bacteria and germs and is safe for most surfaces in and around the home.

It’s a natural, chemical-free, and effective cleaning solution.


Chemical Cleaning and Pets

Many household cleaners, from detergents to stain removal products, contain harmful chemicals. Aside from the fact that many of these chemicals are notoriously bad for the environment, they can also pose a health issue for families with small children, and especially pets.

It can be very near impossible to always control your pets and in all areas of your house. Relying on chemical cleaning solutions when you’ve got a dog or cat roaming the rooms is far from ideal, which is why people are turning to steam cleaning.


Is Steam Cleaning Safe for Pets?

Absolutely! With the power of steam you can guard your home against germs and parasites and ensure a clean and safe environment for the whole family - four legged members included!

Zero Chemicals

When you use a McCulloch steam cleaner you can be 100% sure that there are no chemicals needed. All you need to do is add water into the canister without any addition of harmful detergents or acidic cleaners.

The water, heated to the point it causes steam, effectively cleans away any grime and dirt as well as kills bacteria and germs. The pure heat of the steam itself offers all the cleaning benefits of run-of-the-mill chemicals but without the toxicity, hassle and harm.

Cleaning chemicals have been shown to cause negative effects in the health of pets. They’re much closer to the ground than you and tend to stick their noses on just about anything. So it’s better to be safe & switch to steam.


Steam cleaners are versatile when it comes to the types of surfaces they can be used on. While chemical cleaning products tend to be suitable for just one or a few surfaces (and even damaging when used elsewhere, a steam cleaner can help you with all of the following:

  •  Tiles and sealed stone floors
  •  Hardwood floors
  •  Grout
  •  Kitchen and bathroom countertops
  •  Carpets
  •  Mattresses
  •  Stoves, grills, and ovens
  •  Showers and bathtubs
  •  Glass and windows 

No Residue

Often, surface sprays and cleaners can leave a sticky residue, especially if not thoroughly wiped away. Sometimes this can even stink or at least have a potent, chemical-like smell.

With pets and children running around the house, it’s preferable to rely on steam cleaning. Not only does the steam leave absolutely no trace of residue behind, but there is no associated smell which could upset pets with sensitive olfactory senses.

Less Waste

It’s not just the actual act of cleaning with chemicals that poses a concern for pets. Once you’ve finished the bottle of detergent, the container often ends up in the bin. Pets (and exploring toddlers) have been known to find their way into rubbish. Exposure to any remaining cleaning liquid that’s either in the empty bottle or spilled out into the rest of the bin can be a health and safety issue.

Steam cleaning leaves absolutely no waste behind. The water you add to your cleaner is turned to steam and the steam–once it’s effectively left your surfaces shining and beautiful–will dissipate harmlessly into the air.

Traditional cleaning materials also require a raft of other products and items such as cloths, sponges, and gloves. There’s none of that associated with a steam cleaner. No additional supplies means no waste.

Quick Dry Action

When you’re mopping and cleaning hard floors, it can often take time for the surface to dry. Slipping on newly mopped tiles is a safety concern for not just the active younger members of the family, but also for excitable pets as well (not to mention the frustration of your dog or cat getting the pads of their paws wet).

Steam cleaners offer unrivalled quick dry action. Quick to use and quick to dry, you’ll find your floors are bone-dry with phenomenal speed ensuring the floor is as safe as safe can be for everyone in the home.

Allergen Free

If your pet is prone to reacting to different allergens, steam cleaning is an extraordinarily effective option. Due to the fact that it only uses water (and steam, of course) there’s no concern that irritating allergens will be spread about the house.

Your pets can roam freely and you can rest easy knowing there won’t be any harmful exposure at all.

Effective Cleaning

All of the above is well and good but if your method of cleaning doesn’t actually work then it’s all a pointless exercise, right?

Right! Luckily, steam cleaners have repeatedly shown to provide effective and reliable cleaning throughout the home. This natural and safe method allows you to clean up to 99% of germs on most surfaces throughout the house, get rid of surface mould, and eliminate bacteria, dust mites, and other build ups of harmful dirt and grime.

It’s high performance cleaning with lower amounts of effort!


Get Your Steam Cleaner Today

We all want clean, hygienic homes and we all want to ensure our family and pets are kept safe, healthy and protected. That’s why a high powered, reliable steam cleaner is the way to go.

Check out our full range of steam cleaners today and if you need a hand, just get in touch with our team!

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