5 Mistakes To Avoid When Steam Cleaning

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Steam Cleaning

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Steam Cleaning

Don’t Make These Common Mistakes.


Due to their ease of use, effectiveness and long-term cost saving, steam cleaners have been steadily increasing in popularity throughout homes (and businesses) in recent years. As an incredibly powerful and versatile method of cleaning, steam cleaning can be employed across almost every surface you encounter each day - but knowing how to - and how not to - use your steam cleaner is the key to getting the best results possible. With that in mind, here are 5 mistakes to avoid when using a steam cleaner. 



1 - Forgetting To Vacuum

One of the biggest mistakes when it comes to steam cleaning is not vacuuming first. Vacuuming areas that collect large amounts of dust, hair, crumbs, and general dirt - such as carpets, under couch cushions and behind seldom moved pieces of furniture - allows you to remove all of this loose debris before you get started on steam cleaning. You wouldn’t mop without sweeping first for example - the same applies to steam cleaning.


A steam cleaner is a powerful tool that can replace many cleaning products, but a vacuum is not one of them.



2 - Not Spot Testing

Another common mistake that people make is not spot testing areas at the start of the steam cleaning process.


It’s always best to choose an inconspicuous, small area of the surface that you’re needing to clean and use the steam cleaner to spot clean that area first. This allows you to ensure that you’re using the correct attachment for that area and that you’re not holding the steam cleaner too close to that particular surface.


A good rule of thumb is to start with the relevant attachment 15cm away from the surface you’re trying to clean, and adjust your distance as needed.



3 - Mixing Water With Electricity

There are plenty of appliances, electrical sockets and devices throughout our homes (and cars), which means that you need to be extra careful when cleaning around these areas.


While hot steam does dry quickly, applying it to any surface that contains electricity or technology can very quickly cause damage due to heat and moisture exposure. This isn’t just bad for your devices - it’s a big safety hazard for yourself as well. The last thing you want is sparking electricity around you and your family, so wipe these surfaces down with a cloth instead.



4 - Cleaning On Humid Or Cold Days

One of the many benefits of a steam cleaner is that the hot steam it generates dries much faster if you were to clean with cold or room temperature liquids – such as mopping.


While this applies year-round to most surfaces, steam cleaning fabrics, upholstery and textiles on humid or cold days is still going to take a little while to dry due to the cold or damp air. If you’re planning on steam cleaning your carpets or couch in the middle of winter for example, try warming up the room with a heater first, or wait until the warmest part of the day.



5 - Cleaning The Wrong Surfaces

Steam cleaning is becoming increasingly popular as a cleaning method, but there is still some uncertainty around what surfaces you can or can’t use a steam cleaner on.


Using a steam cleaner on the wrong surface (like porous walls & floors) - or using the wrong attachment for a particular surface (like the brass bristle brush on fabrics) - can cause damage, and unfortunately it’s one of the most common mistakes people make when steam cleaning for the first time.


We’ve previously put together a helpful guide to answer this question.






Now that you know what to avoid when using your steam cleaner - it’s time to start cleaning!


McCulloch’s Deluxe Steam Cleaner comes with 23 versatile accessories included in the box, which means you’ve got the perfect attachment for the surface you need to clean. With the right equipment, it also means it’s easier to avoid the above steam cleaning mistakes.

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