Top 10 Benefits of Using a Steam Cleaner to Clean Your Home

Top 10 Benefits of Using a Steam Cleaner to Clean Your Home

If you’ve heard of steam cleaning before but aren’t sure quite why you should invest in a steam cleaner, don’t worry! Let us show you why! These tools, especially the McCulloch Steam Cleaners, offer a variety of benefits and advantages. From the power of steam to the practical applications, we’ve listed the top 10 benefits of using a steam cleaner to clean your home.


Top 10 Benefits of Using a Steam Cleaner to Clean Your Home

1. Effective Cleaning

First and foremost, when it comes to cleaning your home you need a method that will actually ensure an effective clean! A steam cleaner uses hot steam to effectively penetrate the surface of dirt, grime and grease and break down the inner particles. Thanks to the intensity of the heat produced by the steam cleaner, even a mess that is sticky, dried or stubborn can be scoured and removed. A steam cleaner allows for easy and reliable cleaning across a number of surfaces throughout the home. With minimal effort and in extraordinary time, you can have your home sanitised, sparkling and clean.

2. Natural

There is nothing more natural than a heated steam powered cleaner. Using nothing but hot steam, a McCulloch Steam Cleaner effectively sanitises and deodorises the surfaces of your home. All you need to do is add water, preferably distilled water for maximum device longevity and effectiveness, into the tank and press the button to heat it up. Being completely steam-based, it’s simply the most natural cleaning solution around. For more frequently asked questions about how to use a steam cleaner, click here.

3. Harmful Chemicals

While many cleaning solutions and detergents may be effective in killing bacteria, deodorising an area, or getting rid of allergens, many also contain a cocktail of chemicals ranging from artificial to just plain harmful. Whether you have children and pets in your home, or simply want to avoid poisonous chemicals altogether, a steam cleaner is the perfect solution. There are no chemicals used full-stop, let alone harmful or toxic chemicals.

With a steam cleaner, there’s no noxious fumes being dispersed throughout your home and no artificial detergents that can be harmful to your loved ones, furry or otherwise.

4. Allergen Safe

Did you know that almost 1 in 5 people suffer from hay fever in Australia? Airborne allergens are one of the most frequent triggers for people with allergies or susceptibility to hay fever. A McCulloch Steam Cleaner is designed to ensure optimal cleaning without sacrificing the health and wellbeing of your home’s occupants.

In addition to ensuring that the surfaces of your home are allergen free, the complete lack of chemicals inside the steam cleaner ensures that no fumes, toxins, or chemicals are being released that could trigger your family’s sensitivity to allergens and other particles.

5. Cost Effective

Investing in a steam cleaner is also a fantastic way to save money. Of course, because the cleaner only requires water (and steam once heated) to operate, you won’t need to be constantly replacing detergents and cleaning solutions.

Secondly, thanks to its versatility and suitability for multi-surface cleaning, you can replace multiple different household cleaning appliances and tools with just the one cost-effective device.

Lastly, due to the face that cleaning with a steam cleaner is so efficient and quick, you’ll find that keeping the surfaces of your home sanitised and hygienic to be so easy, you won’t need to pay more down the line for deep cleans to remove smelly odours and unattended spills.

6. Minimise Environmental Impact

In addition to the harmful nature of most cleaning products’ chemicals, there is the added factor of the effect on the environment. Cleaning your house in an environmentally friendly way is becoming increasingly important as we realise the devastating effects of our actions on our world. Even cleaning products that are advertised as “green” (many of which are expensive and ineffective) can still cause some level of run-off pollution.

A steam cleaner, using nothing but water and steam, is a far better alternative for the environment without sacrificing effective cleaning action.

7. Versatile

A McCulloch Steam Cleaner provides efficient and convenient cleaning in a number of ways. Unlike many other cleaning tools, your steam cleaner can be used on a variety of surfaces across a number of household applications. From your floors and carpets to sofas and curtains, the steam cleaner is versatile and handy. Even toys, sinks and mirrors can all be cleaned with the same handy piece of equipment.

Apart from the cost savings on reducing the number of cleaning instruments you need, you’ll also find the added convenience to be a great way to save time, effort and energy!

8. Useful For Both Inside And Outside Use

Additionally, steam cleaners are useful for more than just surfaces in and around the house. You can just as easily and effectively clean your outdoor patio, barbeque and a host of other surfaces. Even your car or vehicle can be completely sanitised and deodorised.

The Steam Cleaner from McCulloch is designed to ensure that you enjoy maximum flexibility in how you clean and where you clean.

9. Accessories

Our steam cleaners are compatible with over 20 different and unique accessories! That means there’s a perfect attachment to suit just about any surface.

Each different add-on allows you to customise and perfect your clean by adjusting the way in which the steam from the cleaner is applied to the particular surface you’re attending to. Discover our line up of handy accessories by checking out our guide today.

10. 2-Year Warranty

With a McCulloch Steam Cleaner you get to enjoy peace of mind about more than just achieving a deep, sanitising clean. Backed with a comprehensive 2-year warranty & customer service team based in Western Australia, you can rest assured that an investment in a steam cleaner is the right choice for the long run. If your steam cleaner doesn’t operate in the way it should, make sure to reach out to our team today.


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