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McCulloch Steam Cleaners heat water to 100 degrees Celcius and eliminate dirt, grease, and grime to kill 99.9% of bacteria and germs. With McCulloch, dirt has met its match. Get an easy, versatile and chemical-free clean with a McCulloch Steam Cleaner. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is A Steam Cleaner Worth The Money?

Is a Steam Cleaner Worth the Money?

In the world of cleaning, steam cleaners stand out as a revolutionary solution, blending efficiency with eco-friendliness. These versatile tools use high-temperature steam to break down dirt, grease, and stains on almost any surface, from hard floors to upholstery.

Steam cleaners offer a safe and effective option for cleaning without using harmful chemicals. Traditional cleaning methods usually require harsh chemicals and a lot of scrubbing. Steam cleaners provide a powerful alternative to this labour-intensive process.

Investing in a McCulloch steam cleaner can save you money on cleaning supplies. It's a smart choice for your finances and the environment.

Investing in a high-quality steam cleaner from McCulloch is a good investment and cleaning solution.

Can I Steam Clean A Mattress?

Can I Steam Clean a Mattress?

Yes, absolutely! A handheld steam cleaner can be your best ally in maintaining a clean and allergen-free mattress. The hot steam removes stains well. It also gets rid of dust mites, bacteria, and allergens.

You do not need harsh chemicals. It's a safe, natural, and effective way to refresh and sanitise your sleeping environment, ensuring a healthier night's sleep.

Can I Clean Bathroom Tiles With A Steam Cleaner?

Can I Clean Bathroom Tiles with a Steam Cleaner?

Steam cleaners are incredibly effective at tackling the grime that accumulates on bathroom tiles and grout. The steam's heat cleans tiles effectively by reaching deep into the pores and removing dirt and mould. Regular mops may not be able to remove all the dirt and mould, but steam can.

Steam cleaning is a thorough and efficient way to clean tiles. It is a great option for keeping your floors clean and free of grime. This method will make your tiles shiny and clean your bathroom without using strong chemicals. It will make your bathroom a safer and cleaner place.

Can You Steam Clean A Toilet?

Can You Steam Clean a Toilet?

Yes, you can—and you should! Steam cleaning your toilet is a game-changer.

The powerful steam blast reaches difficult spots missed by regular cleaning tools. It provides a deep clean, removing bacteria and odours. It's an excellent way to maintain a sparkling, hygienic bathroom without resorting to corrosive cleaning agents.

Where Does The Dirt Go When You Steam Clean?

Where Does the Dirt Go When You Steam Clean?

When you steam clean, the steam's heat and pressure loosen the dirt and debris, making it easy to wipe away with a cloth or mop. Steam mops usually have a microfiber pad that catches dirt while you clean. You can wash and reuse the pad. This process ensures that it entirely removes the dirt from the surface, leaving your home cleaner and more hygienic.

Unlocking The Power Of Steam Cleaning

Unlock the Power of Steam Cleaning

McCulloch Steam Cleaners provide a superior cleaning experience without the downsides of traditional methods. We engineer our range of products, from handheld steam devices to robust steam mops, to tackle the toughest cleaning tasks with ease.

If you have stains on your carpet, dirty windows, or need to sanitise your kitchen surfaces, we can help. We have solutions for all of these cleaning tasks. Let us know what you need assistance with, and we will provide you with the right solution.

Our steam cleaners have big water tanks so you can clean for longer without having to refill as often. The power of steam means you can say goodbye to harsh chemicals and hello to a safer, healthier home. Whether you're dealing with dirty floors, stained upholstery, or grimy bathroom tiles, McCulloch has the right tool for the job.

Why Choose McCulloch?

Why Choose McCulloch?

At McCulloch, we promise to offer strong steam cleaners that help you clean better and are good for the environment." We design our products with your needs in mind, offering easy-to-use features and attachments that tackle a wide range of cleaning tasks. With McCulloch, you're not just buying a steam cleaner; you're investing in a healthier, cleaner home.

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