Steam Cleaning For Businesses - why McCulloch is best

Steam Cleaning For Businesses - why McCulloch is best

Steam Cleaning For Businesses

Why Your Next Cleaning Product Should Be A McCulloch.


Since the start of 2020, a lot has changed around how businesses operate. None of these changes have been more prominent than a heightened focus on cleanliness and hygiene when it comes to how and when businesses interact with their customers.


If you’re a business that offers regular, in-person contact with customers like a physical store or showroom, or even more importantly, is in charge of cleaning for customers or other businesses, you must have the right cleaning tools on hand to ensure a safe environment for visitors and staff alike.



Steam Cleaning For Businesses

Steam cleaning is growing in popularity as a method of cleaning for businesses due to its effectiveness, efficiency and cost savings in comparison to other cleaning methods. In a landscape where these things are ever more important to every business, that’s a win, win, win - for you, and your customers.



Save Money - And The Environment


One of the many benefits of steam cleaners is that they only use water - no chemicals required.


Harsh cleaning chemicals - especially when regularly used, and in large quantities for commercial purposes - are expensive to purchase and generally unsafe to use without protective gear, like gloves and masks. These are no friend to the environment - between disposing of leftover containers, washing out the chemicals in used cleaning equipment and pollution of air quality (especially indoors), these contribute to some pretty nasty effects and can potentially cause illness over time.


Most people are aware of these facts but aren’t aware that the same cleaning results can be achieved with a single steam cleaning unit. Steam cleaners heat water to a temperature of 100°C, creating steam hot enough to clean almost any surface without the use of the chemicals businesses normally rely on.


The best news? Without the need to constantly buy and replace these chemicals and other cleaning supplies, a steam cleaner is going to save you money in the long run.



Clean More Efficiently


One steam cleaner allows you to ditch chemicals and cleaning supplies, which allows you to focus on the task at hand rather than looking for or sourcing specific chemicals suitable for each of your customers' needs.


Having to rely on only one steam cleaning unit translates into more efficient cleaning, and with hot steam being able to easily blast away dirt, grease and grime (effectively killing bacteria and germs) you’re saving time without sacrificing cleaning quality.


If your business offers cleaning services in some capacity, then these time savings are going to increase exponentially. Car detailers are just one example of an industry switching over to the use of steam cleaners to improve their efficiency and effectiveness, but any business that relies on regularly cleaning the surfaces we’ve laid out in this Surface Guide will benefit.



The Power Of McCulloch

If you’re interested in upgrading the cleaning capabilities of your business, then look no further than the McCulloch Deluxe Canister Steam Cleaning System. 

Powerful and purpose built, this steam cleaning unit is designed for efficient cleaning on almost any surface, relying only on the cleansing power of hot steam. Here’s what McCulloch offers inside every box.



Not Just Full Steam Ahead


The McCulloch Deluxe Canister Steam Cleaner offers variable steam control, meaning you can regulate the amount of steam being applied to the relevant surface. This level of control ensures that you can start small and increase as you go, reducing the risk of damaging the surface you’re trying to clean.



Full Tank


The water tank of the McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Canister Steam Cleaner can hold up to 1,893ml of water, allowing you to get a wide range of cleaning done before having to stop and refill. Even full, it’s still light enough - and easy enough - to move around while you clean.



23 Attachments Included


The McCulloch Deluxe Canister Steam Cleaner comes with 23 attachments included in the box as standard - each one specifically designed with a particular purpose or surface in mind. The included User Guide breaks these down for you, ensuring you have the right attachment for the right area at the right time - all the time.


You can even purchase extra accessories if you need to from our website.






A powerful steam cleaner is the upgrade your business needs to ensure peace of mind for your customers, and to allow you to start saving time and money without sacrificing cleaning quality.


Invest in a McCulloch steam cleaner for your business today - you won’t regret it.

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